Daisy Petals: Easy, fun ideas for Lupe’s Story

Daisy meetings can be super easy to run, because the handbook basically does the work for you — read the story, ask the questions, done. But, don’t let that trick you into mailing it in. I’ve found that when I didn’t prepare ahead of time I really lost the girls’ attention.

If you are like me, and plan to do the petals in the same order as the Girl Scout Law, then your first meeting will be all about Lupe the Lupine’s ideas, who teaches about being “honest and fair.”

These three fun activities will engage the girls, help them learn this concept, and leave them excited to come to your next meeting.


Make beaded bracelets

Making these beaded bracelets at Your DIY Family with your girls couldn’t be easier. Click through to find out how she makes the beads. I’d have the girls stamp Lupe or fair on their beads as a reminder of this aspect of the Girl Scout Law. (Hey, maybe it becomes a regular meeting tradition, and you end up making one for each part of the law!)

But, before they start, reinforce the idea of honesty and fairness by having the girls measure out the same number of beads to each person.

Don’t Miss: Intro to Daisy Scouts, for leaders who have no clue what they’re doing. Hey, we’ve been there.

Tips for the Lupe Daisy Petal: Take turns playing a game

Play a game

Bring a board game from home, and let the girls take turns playing the game while practicing honesty and fairness. My current favorite for girls this age is I Never Forget a Face by eeBoo. I love that you can start some conversations about diversity and other cultures as you play together.

Tips for Lupe Daisy Petal: Paint fairies to remind Scouts to be honest and fair

Paint Fair-ies

There’s something about using unexpected materials in a craft project that completely grabs my kids’ attention. If yours are like mine, they’ll be mesmerized by this adorable painted rock fairy tutorial from Pia at Wundertütchen that we spotted at Hello Wonderful. I’d cut the paper pieces ahead of time, then talk with them about how they can take their fairies home to remind them to be fair and honest. Get it?


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